To translate a text

Click the 'Text' tab:

1) Type the source text in the area on the left, or import text by cutting and pasting or dragging and dropping from your application

2) Next, select the translation direction to apply by clicking the button that corresponds to your chosen language pair

3) The translated text is displayed on the right

To translate and send an e-mail message

Follow the same procedure as for translating a text.

Then click the E-mail button to send the translated text by e-mail, or modify the text directly before sending.

In the window displayed, enter all the required information.

The recipient will receive the translated text along with the source text.

N.B. The interface of the E-mail dialog box is displayed in the language of the source text (text to be translated).

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To translate a Web page

Click the 'WEB Page' tab:

1) In the window displayed, enter or paste the address (URL) of the page you wish to translate

2) Next, select the translation direction to apply by clicking the button that corresponds to your chosen language pair

3) Finally, click 'OK' to launch the translation of the Web page

The page translated by Reverso appears in a new window that maintains the format of the source page

N.B. : each link activates the translation (into the same language) of the page it points to. Images, graphic buttons, menus and dynamic pages are not generally translated.

You can use the Translation Links (shortcuts you can drag and drop to your links toolbar) to directly translate Web pages you are viewing.

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Translation Directions

The following are the translation directions that correspond to the buttons for the different language pairs available:

EN-FR: English -> French, FR-EN: French -> English,
DE-FR: German -> French, FR-DE: French -> German,
DE-EN: German -> English, EN-SP: English -> Spanish,
SP-EN: Spanish -> English

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What can Reverso Online be used for?

Reverso Online enables you to translate texts and Web pages on an occasional basis. There are, however, a number of other possible uses for this service, such as:

  • An e-mail message you just received in a foreign language with a few words you do not understand: look to Reverso Online rather than the dictionary
  • Headline news in a foreign country: translate pages from the country's best Web sites to get to the heart of the matter
  • Want to know more about a country's history before holidaying there? Use Reverso Online and forget the language barrier!
  • Need to keep an eye on foreign competition? Take advantage of Reverso Online to explore your competitors' sites in your own language

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A few tips to improve the translations provided by Reverso Online

Reverso Online is a software accesible via Intranet/Internet, that capitalises on the amazing capabilities of the translation engine developed by PROjectMT and Softissimo. Nevertheless, machine translation can never achieve the level of sophistication and accuracy of human translation, and does not claim to do so. This is why you should never use Reverso Online to translate legal documents, medical documents, contracts, or any other document where the terms used need to be perfectly accurate. For your everyday needs, here are a few simple rules to help you obtain a good translation:

  • Submit simple texts to Reverso Online: go for the journalistic style rather than Shakespeare! Include full sentences with a consistent logical structure
  • Avoid using slang, idiomatic expressions or expressions that make reference to recent news items
  • Check spelling, grammar, accents and punctuation for sentences you submit to Reverso Online: if a word is badly written there is a good chance that Reverso Online will not translate it properly.

Reverso Online should be able to translate all your requests. However, Reverso Online may not always supply the translation. If this occurs, try proceeding differently. Simplify your text, or translate it in several parts (take the 5000-characters limit into account). For complex Web pages, try translating only the passages you are interested in by cutting and pasting it into the "Text" module.

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Send us your comments

Click "Feedback" and let us know what you like, what needs improvement, etc. We will be in touch with you.

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