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Reverso is well known for its translator, but did you know that Reverso dictionaries are probably the most effective on the web when it comes to searching the translation of a word or expression?

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There are hundreds of thousands of phrases, idioms and words from specialized fields, such as business, medical and computer. Part of them have been suggested by users like you and then validated by our team. For example: View more

Interconnected dictionaries and content, continuously improved search mechanisms to offer you the best search experience!

Search suggestions: you do not need to type your entire search term, suggestions are displayed while you type.

Efficient search algorithms: find what you're looking for, even if the word was misspelled.

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Easy navigation from one dictionary to another: you can switch from one dictionary to another with a simple click on the links below the edit box, for example, from the French-English translation to the French definition. You can also see examples of use for the searched term on the web, the associated images…

Contextual menu: click on any word to search for it in the dictionary, see the synonyms (for French and English), listen to the pronunciation, see the conjugation.

Reverso offers free and unlimited access to its monolingual and multilingual dictionaries to help you translate, understand, write and communicate in many languages.


  1. More than 600,000 translations in English-French and French-English dictionaries: idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, medical, business, IT vocabulary

  2. Access the conjugation of a verb's tenses and modes with a simple click.

  3. For the advanced users, more than 200,000 definitions and synonyms in the French dictionary. The definitions are simple and concise, and therefore easy to understand by learners.


  1. More than 300,000 translations in our English-Spanish and Spanish-English, dictionaries continuously enriched by users: idiomatic expressions, specialized vocabulary (business, medical, IT), Latin American Spanish vocabulary...

  2. One-click access to the Spanish verbs conjugation and to the irregular verbs models.

For Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian: practical bilingual dictionaries with everyday vocabulary, expressions and conversation guide.

The English language is rich, romantic and poetic. Our monolingual dictionaries Collins combined with the many expressions of the English Collaborative Dictionary give you the keys to unlock the treasures of the English language, avoid traps and improve your oral and written style.

Find the right word in English with our English dictionaries'definition and synonyms. You will discover a real treasure-trove of English words and expressions. For example, what does the expression "live in each other's pocket" mean, and when do we use "significant other"?

Search for a word and discover all the expressions containing it.

Example: ointment

  • First you get the meanings of the word based on its grammar category.

  • Then you have the different synonyms and even antonyms.

  • Below, you have expressions containing the word, for example "a fly in the ointment". If you know other related phrases, you can even add them to the Collaborative Dictionary.